If you wish to use our brand names or company logo, please consult our branding guidelines, and contact us with the form provided below

In our efforts to fully back our motto We Brew With You™, we are happy to help in the promotion of your successful ventures using Lallemand Brewing Products. We would love to share your testimony, tag you on social media and share your photos, to help increase your company’s visibility.  In addition, we are very happy to have our logo placed on your promotion or package. Before going to print, we ask that you allow us to ensure it is compliant with our Trademark Guidelines and code of conduct.

Usage or Brand Name mention and Code of Conduct

We will not allow our product names or logo to be associated with any political or polemical topic. This being said, Lallemand will nevertheless support projects in favor of diversity and inclusivity. Please contact us directly at brewing@lallemand.com or through your regional manager. The Lallemand logo can be used concerning our code of conduct.

Lallemand Brewing is committed to the principle of treating everyone with respect and dignity. In this regard, the Lallemand Group code of conduct prohibits harassment, bullying and violence, and any discrimination regardless of race, color, national or ethnical origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical history, marital status, age, sexual orientation, or citizenship. We respect and protect internationally proclaimed human rights and abstain from child and forced labor. Therefore, any kind of communication which does not respect this above code of conduct cannot be associated in any way with the Lallemand group. Failure to comply with this code may be subject to legal action.

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